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New features: What was new in version 7

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What's New in Solar Fire GOLD V8

Upgrading from version 7 to version 8:

Appointments Manager Our exciting newest feature is a built-in system for managing your clients’ appointments, sessions and details. Our Appointments Manager enables you to make a session time in the Solar Fire calendar, email appointment reminders and record the session as a .wav file (audio file) to send to your client later. You can time your sessions and set a rate of pay that enables you to generate and then send a receipt to clients afterwards. You can also manage all your clients’ details and send group emails.

50 User-Defined Points   Now you can add up to 50 astrological points to the main Solar Fire wheel! Over the years, many of you have asked whether or not you could add asteroids, fixed stars, Arabic parts, midpoints and various other points onto the main wheel of Solar Fire, instead of using the Extra Ring. In response to these requests, a new feature in this latest major update now allows for up to 50 user-defined points to appear on the main wheel along with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and so on.  Now you can add up to 50 points from your list of Extra Points.  You can add points to existing Displayed Points files or create your own favorite selection. 

Asteroid Glyphs   Solar Fire Gold v8 now has 65 asteroid glyphs for display on your Chart. These beautifully designed glyphs have been supplied by Asteroid expert Roderick Kidston in Australia. Some of the glyphs are in common usage and where there were no glyphs for some asteroids, Solar Fire uses Roderick’s glyphs.  You can select various Asteroids and their glyphs for display in your Chart Wheel or you can select all 65 asteroids that have glyphs within the Extra Ring. The 65 asteroids are: Abundantia, Aditi, Adonis, Adorea, Amor, Amphitrite, Anubis, Apollo, Arachne, Aten, Atlantis, Atropos, Bacchus, Cupido, Diana, Eros, Europa, Fama, Flora, Fortuna, Frigga, Gaea, Ganesa, Ganymed, Gilgamesh, Gilgame, Gratia, Harmonia, Harmoni, Hathor, Haumea, Hebe, Hekate, Hephaistos, Hephais, Herculina, Herculi, Hidalgo, Horus, Icarus, Imhotep, Iris, Isis, Jubilatrix, Jubilat, Kleopatra, Kleopat, Klotho, Lachesis, Lachesi, Lilith, MakeMake, Midas, Moira, Neith, Nephthys, Ops.

Ashtkoot Compatibility System   The Ashtkoot Compatibility System is a system that has its roots in India and is primarily used in Vedic astrology.  Vedic and Relationship Astrologers will love this simple calculation that compares two people’s charts and comes up with a compatibility score. Anything over 18 is a green light. Try your charts and see how you go.  As Solar Fire’s own Neville Lang explains: “Ashtkoot” simply means “8 factor”. The scoring within this system is based on the position of the sidereal Moon (Lahiri) of the two people and the 8 factors are scored on the integration of these two Moon positions. The maximum score is 36. The implementation of this system in Solar Fire Gold v8 allows a user to select two charts from either the chart files or ones that have been entered and if a zodiac used in those charts is one other than the Lahiri zodiac then Solar Fire Gold v8 automatically converts the Moon position to the Lahiri (sidereal) position internally and the scores are then calculated. Neville Lang has studied about 100 couples over a 10 year period (still a small sample size) using the Ashtkoot Compatibility system and he has come up with some tentative boundaries of the Total score. If you think about using traffic lights as a quick indicator then the Red light will represent scores of 40% of the maximum 36 (a score of 14.4) and lower, the Orange light will represent the range from 40% (14.5) to 69% (24.7), and the Green light will represent scores of 24.8 and higher. Basically, the Red light indicates a warning for the long term viability of the relationship, the Orange light means that is it “middling” and requires more analysis of the two individual charts while the Green light indicates a high degree of compatibility for the relationship to run for the long term.

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Solar Maps v4  In recent times you have been able to access Solar Maps Lite with your Solar Fire. Now you can access the full Solar Maps which has been included for your enjoyment and astrological work. All of the features of Solar Maps v3 have been included in Solar Fire including the Relocation reports, the Zoom facility and more….

Teacher/Student feature   Teachers – you can now send your preferred Solar Fire settings to your students! Students – you can now receive your teacher’s Solar Fire settings as a single file. No more fiddling around! Yes, in an effort to assist astrology teachers and students with setting up Solar Fire for students, we have now provided a new feature that enables a teacher to scan Solar Fire for the current settings used for teaching and to create a single *.zip file. The ZIP can either be sent directly to any student who already has Solar Fire Gold v8, or the ZIP file can be sent to Esoteric Technologies where it can be placed on a new Teacher webpage located at on the “Resources” side menu.  Students from anywhere in the world taught by that teacher can then simply download the ZIP file and have their Solar Fire Gold v8 automatically updated with the teacher’s settings. At any point in time, a student can easily switch from the teacher’s settings back to their regular settings and then back to the teacher’s settings.

Vertex Interpretations   Up until this version of Solar Fire, there were no natal interpretations for the Vertex. Text for the Vertex has been kindly supplied by Alice Portman, an Australian astrologer and expert on this subject. The Solar Fire interpretations text is continually updated and improved for your enjoyment. You can find all types of information by clicking on the Chart’s Displayed Points or producing a report in your Word Processor.  These reports can be sold or given to your friends, family and clients however we recommend you edit them first as they have been written for astrological edification. For fully comprehensive reports for more general use please see our Solar Writer range which can be used seamlessly with Solar Fire or on their own.

New Traditional Wheel Designs   Now you can view Face rulers, Terms rulers, Egyptian rulers and Nakshatras on your Solar Fire Chart wheel! The previous version of Solar Fire Gold supplied a wheel style displaying decanate rulers. This version now extends this concept to include wheels displaying rulers used in Classical astrology. To display the decanate ruler wheel, on the “View Chart” screen you can simply select the DecRuler.wh1 wheel style from the “Wheel Style” button.  Now you can choose either of the following:

New for Financial astrologers   Financial astrologers are likely to appreciate the inclusion of two new Dial styles – 24 and 120 degree dials which can be used in harmonic trading work plus the new Commodities Arabic Parts file.

New Chart Art   Solar Fire Gold v8 now has a wide range of new Chart Art designs including starry skies, art work by contributing artists and twelve beautiful black and white Renaissance depictions of the signs. Family, friends and clients love these beautiful depictions of their charts.

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Our exciting enhancements are often simple but oh so appreciated

ACS Atlas – Each version of Solar Fire is updated with the latest Time Zone and Place information made available in the ACS Atlas. Solar Fire Gold v8 now has these latest changes. You can also edit your ACS Atlas information to update yourself whenever a country changes its Time Zones.


Astrology Schools item on the Help menu   Solar Fire Gold v8 now assists a user by providing a direct link to a webpage on Esoteric Technologies’ website where a list of schools, the principal(s) and a classification of what type of astrology the school focuses on is displayed.  At present, there are only a small number of schools but in time this list will grow.  Contact if you would like to be included.

An Alternative Glyph for Neptune   An alternative glyph for Neptune has been added to Solar Fire Gold v8. In previous versions of Solar Fire, the glyph selection was on the “Misc” tab in the Preferences. Now, a new tab called “Glyphs” has been added to the set of tabs in the Preferences.

New Location button on the Animate screen   Now you have control over the location (and timezone) of the subsidiary charts or transit charts in the Animate module. With the introduction of the “Location” button, you now have full control over the location and time zone of any of the charts in the Animate Module. As an example, if you open a natal chart from a chart file, have it highlighted in the Calculated Charts list then click on Dynamic > Animate QuadriWheel, Solar Fire automatically calculates and displays the Natal, the Secondary Progression, the Solar Arc and the current Transit chart, all with the same natal location and time zone.

Composite Chart Art  Solar Fire Gold v8 also includes 12 new Chart Art pages that have been designed displaying key notes for the house location of the composite Sun.

Dasas for Natal Charts  Two new pages can now be displayed showing the Dasas for a natal chart. A major dasa cycle runs for 120 years and it is further sub-divided into sub-dasas also known as bhuktis. If you open a natal chart and use a Vedic zodiac, like Lahiri, you can now display the dasa periods for that natal chart.

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Our treasure box of new little gems

Animate Charts You asked for it and we have delivered! We have added an Animate Chart button on the View Chart screen so now you can easily View your chart and then click on Animate directly from the View Chart screen.


Animate Charts  A “Weeks” option has now been added to the Step By dropdown in the Animate module  You can now step an animate screen by a number of weeks, with the addition of this new menu item.

Updated Aussie Database   A new Australian database has been supplied where a number of entries have been added and changed. This chart file is called Aus2011.SFcht.

Microsoft 2010 Compatibility   Solar Fire Gold v8 works with Word 2010 and Outlook 2010

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What's New in Solar Fire 7

Upgrading from version 6 to version 7:

Solar Fire Gold works with the same logic and consistency as the previous version, so there's virtually no learning curve. But it also contains many useful additions and improvements:

Other new goodies include a pop-up birthday reminder . . . . . . 1000+ new timed, sourced, Rodden-rated and categorized celebrity charts . . . instant switching between Mean/True nodes and Tropical/Sidereal zodiacs . . . the ability to select a different chart without leaving the chart view screen or info listing . . . a full ACS Atlas that you now can add to . . . and enhanced Vista compatibility.

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What's New in Solar Fire 6

Upgrading from version 5 to version 6:

Solar Fire 6 - New Chart Search Dialog Box

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Solar Fire 6 - New Time Search Dialog Box

SF 6 - New Aspect Highlighting Feature

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SF 6 - New Aspect Filtering Feature

SF 6 - Life Events Feature

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SF6 - Vedic Features with new Nakshatras table

SF6 - New Vedic Chart Types

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SF6 - New Chinese Features

SF6 - New Chart Preview Screen

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SF6 - Void of Course Moon Table

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SF6 - Harmonic and Transform Charts Dialog Box

SF6 - New Planetary Hours Object Box

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SF6 - New Declination Features

SF6 - Animation Screen with Interpretations

SF6 - Improved Graphic Ephemeris

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What's New in Solar Fire 5?

Upgrading from version 4 to version 5:

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