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Astrolabe Reports and Calculations

Our world-class reports based on your birthdate and time. Enter your birth data and have your Astrolabe report instantly emailed to you. You may also get your report beautifully bound and mailed to you.

- All about you

- Matters of the heart

- Timing is everything

- Chart calculations of all types (no interpretations)


Other Astrology Reports

- By Matthew Oliver Goodwin: Insightful, Accurate, Life-Inspiring

Calculation Programs

Programs for users from novice to professional covering just about any astrological need.

- Our best seller, encyclopedic in scope

- Cutting edge, for the serious astrologer

- How-To DVDs for Solar Fire

- Learning DVD from an astro-locality expert


Specialty Programs

Innovative programs to expand your astrological toolbox.

- For research, rectification and family dynamics

- Worldwide long/lat and timezone database


Report Writer Programs

The programs that produce our best-selling astrology reports.

Sample report (pdf) - Barack Obama

Sample report (pdf) - Diana, Princess of Wales

Sample report (pdf) - Barack Hussein Obama

Sample report (pdf) - Shirley Temple

Sample report (pdf) - Sarah Palin

Sample report (pdf) - JFK and Jackie Kennedy

Sample report (pdf) - Madonna

Sample report (pdf) - Mel Gibson



To complete your astrological toolbox.

- Featuring 10,000+ Asteroid Ephemerides for use in Solar Fire

- The ideal beginner’s professional software for Windows

- Desktop publishing-quality fonts

- Windows software for generating your own mandalas

- Software that translates planetary positions into music

- Horoscope collections of famous people, each under $100

- Archetypal symbols in stunning mandalas

- Over 1,100 nonstellar objects for natal charts


Other Products

Looking good - astrologically speaking.

- Tips, instructions, astro-meditation, Gary's predictions

- To more fully use our software, for reference and for the history of astrology

- When you need a new CD, this has all of Astrolabe's programs.